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The work of Sepsis Innovation Collaborative (SIC) is made possible by the leadership and participation of its members, and SIC is dedicated to cultivating and nurturing a diverse ecosystem of ideas, perspectives, and people. Membership is open to organizations and individuals from the public and private sectors that are committed to accelerating innovation through collaborative effort. Multiple pathways for participation and opportunities for members to contribute encourage sustained engagement and progress towards the collective goals of SIC to serve the public good through precompetitive collaboration. Benefits of SIC membership include:

  • A seat at the collective table: shape the sepsis innovation landscape through collaborative strategic planning and development of a common agenda to accelerate innovation.
  • Infrastructure to facilitate precompetitive collaboration: SIC provides its members the infrastructure – through SIC member communities – to tackle priority issues through a variety of high-impact projects. SIC members can participate in any/all SIC member communities or propose the development of new SIC communities. Current SIC communities to date include:
      • Infection Management/Sepsis Collaborative Community (IMSCC), focused on accelerating innovation specifically in the medical device ecosystem. IMSCC currently has two (2) active projects to 1) understand and measure the patient experience in diagnosing, treating, and surviving sepsis, and 2) understanding and de-risking regulatory approaches for novel host-based diagnostics for sepsis.
      • Sepsis Data Community (SDC), focused on creating a “data backbone to meet the urgent and diverse needs of the SIC stakeholder community, including better sepsis translational research, improved clinical care delivery, machine learning/artificial intelligence deployment, disease surveillance, and quality improvement.  SDC currently as one (1) active project to develop actionable recommendations to harmonize data models and data elements as an incremental step towards the creation of a national sepsis data trust.
  • Access to information: stay up to date on the latest developments in infection management and sepsis through monthly email updates on current projects, emerging trends, and upcoming opportunities. It is the intent to invite U.S. government agency staff to attend and potentially present on open, relevant activities.
  • Engagement with stakeholders: SIC convenes regular events for the benefit of its members, including Stakeholder Expert Panels (STEPS), which bring together subject matter experts and key opinion leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to engage in relevant discourse. STEPs are independent convening efforts, endorsed by SIC, that aim to produce in-depth, critical, and forward-looking syntheses of knowledge and practice. Past STEP topics have included host-based therapeutics, pediatric sepsis, and racial and ethnic health equity.

Recognition as an SIC partner: upon joining SIC, members are listed on the SIC public website and introduced to the sepsis community as a partner in the collaborative effort to solve sepsis and save lives.


Current SIC Membership Rates

The work of SIC is made possible by the financial contributions of its members. SIC memberships run for one (1) year beginning at the start of the month following registration. No portion of any organization’s contribution is used at any time for lobbying expenses. Membership dues are tiered based on organization type and annual income/revenue. Please refer to the chart below for more information about SIC membership.


For Profit Organizations

Total Organization Annual Revenue


Less than $50 million

$50 million to $999.9 million

More than $1 billion

Membership Rate





Nonprofit Organizations

Total Annual Revenue

First $1 million in annual revenue

Add $250 per additional million in annual revenue up to $5,000

Membership Rate



Federal, State, Local, or International Government Agency (non-voting)
Representatives of federal, state, local, or international government agencies Free
Individual Contributors (non-voting)
Individuals interested in contributing their subject matter expertise Free

If your organization faces significant financial constraints that will preclude participation without a variance from the annual dues listed above, please send a request and brief justification for a dues variance to Thomas Heymann at