Infection Management / Sepsis Collaborative Community

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Sepsis Innovation Collaborative (SIC) is organized into several community groups, each focused on a specific priority issue area. In the medical device ecosystem, collaborative communities bring together stakeholders to achieve common outcomes, solve shared challenges, and leverage collective opportunities. Infection Management/Sepsis Collaborative Community (IMSCC) provides a venue to enhance the understanding of SIC members’ perspectives by fostering communication and knowledge sharing, to better align on regulatory requirements and science in the medical device ecosystem. The development of IMSCC was guided by the Collaborative Communities Toolkit. View the latest version of the IMSCC charter here.


IMSCC was established to accelerate the development, availability, and adoption of safe and effective medical devices, digital health, and other medical technologies to prevent, diagnose, manage infection, treat sepsis, and support sepsis patients and survivors.


The vision of IMSCC is to be a sustainable and inclusive community of diverse stakeholders dedicated to accelerating innovation in the medical device ecosystem to achieve a world where no one is harmed by sepsis.

Current Initiatives

IMSCC places great emphasis on engaging with a diverse and inclusive stakeholder ecosystem as an essential means to accomplish its mission. We believe that collaboration and collective effort are paramount in addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by sepsis. We welcome individuals and organizations who share our passion and commitment to join us as volunteers in one or more of our active initiatives. Whether you have expertise in healthcare, medical research, advocacy, or simply a strong desire to make a difference, your involvement is invaluable to us. If you are interested in volunteering, click on the button below. For any inquiries or to discuss other opportunities for engagement with IMSCC, please don’t hesitate to contact our Program Supervisor at

Project 1: Patient Experiences to Support Clinical Utility of Sepsis Diagnostics

The goal of this project is to identify measures of clinical utility, informed by patient and caregiver input, that can be incorporated into studies to support the use of infection severity and sepsis diagnostics, ultimately improving patient outcomes. View project documents here.

Project 2: Challenges and Roadmap to Development of Infection Severity and Sepsis-Related Devices

The goal of this project is to address the challenges in the development of infection severity and sepsis-related devices and provide a roadmap of potential solutions. View project documents here.

Project 3: Sepsis Subtyping Advancement Initiative

The goal of this project is to advance the field of sepsis diagnostics by enhancing stakeholder-wide understanding of sepsis subtypes and pave the way for the development of personalized subtype-specific diagnostics. View project documents here.